The Canyon

The canyon, deep and wide
Vaster than the sea —
You'd think it an oasis
No one there but me

The stars so far away
The moon casts it's pallid light —
Glimmers of hope remain —
Enshrouded by the night

I gaze across the other side
But nothing I will find —
They say I must keep...

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Re: A question

Where are my old posts gone? Wow, I don't know, didn't realize they were missing. I'll look for them.

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Picture a cage. A glass cage. An unbreakable glass cage. It is filled with people to the brim, all wearing black, but you only see me. They have faces, but they don’t. They are screaming at me and I stick out like a red ball in a box of white, unbelonging but, in a way, perfectly...

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I hear loud cursing over the chatty bustling,

Of uniformed students in the outdoor canteen.

Sunlight reflects on the curious eyes that turn to our table.

Situated near the plants, disturbing our little bubble.


 I flinch at the attention but my friend is...

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