A Simple Guide to Falling in Love with Someone Who Does Not Know You Exist


Step One: Notice his posture, how tall he stands and the way he allows himself to fill up the room.

His smile radiates and lights up the room, his handsomeness causes everyone to radiate toward him


Step Two: Latch on to any bit of attention he gives you. Allow it to rest...

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An Open Letter

To: the Man trying to get me to love myself

I can promise you one thing. I am going to try. I am going to will past every thought telling me not to love. I am going to attempt to embrace every flaw I see. I will never be able to see myself through your eyes, but I hope my feeble...

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What gives?

There's nothing new under the sun

but there's so much under the pen


A pen

Of a poet

Is as old

As new


It creates it destroys

It sews incredible alloys

It is.


Read before you write

What the heart types on to the brain

Excell and fail

Fight and prevail


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I am no God

It is you


That makes me, who he is.


I am but a few words

Rounded about a circle

Of a cyclic ball of me


I may say ok,

But that is not.


So now it is clear

How clouded my me is

He's me without a doubt

I am not sure what is

And what it is not

May God help...

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"NOTHING MUCH FOR MINORS" Minors are those less than eighteen, As they don't have knowledge in keen. They don't have a driving licence, As don't have driving sense. Minors are given just pen and page, Their life is not more than a cage. Holiday is not given even on sundays, As their...

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