Oh sweet Maria, thou art fair;
from thy feet's sole to thy hair.
Nature flawlessly carved thy frame
like a dame of mythical fame.

Let me to thee my will submit,
whilst our magnetic gazes meet.
Let me a sweet serenade sing,
as I to thee fair roses bring.

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You sprout like a flower in my heart,
You erode my frowns with laughter.
My mind is struck by many darts,
each time I view your facial art.
You always my desires water,
as loving petals from them sprout.
In my loving heart's deepest south,
I feel just you entrenched therein.
None else could...

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The Hypocrisy of Life and Death

The living to themselves gossip attract,
but at death eulogies mitigate lies.
Love and care from he who breathes is withdrawn,
but his slumber does attract parties.

Fake mourners with feigned tears in burials act.
They rip off and use the grieving as pawns;
Their loss is their gain, their...

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The Sun

I am the sun, I energize your day.
I speak expressly to the humid air;
'dry up for a day that is bright and fair.'
I command moisture to dry the lush hay
for non-ruminants to be well nourished.
I am ageless, and I am distinguished.
My golden rays have living things enriched,
my yellow rays...

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The self Crowned Emperor Of The french

In seventeen sixty nine a child was born
in Corsica, Genoa's former vassal state.
Prior to his birth, his land had been war-torn,
Paoli's resistance did his birth predate.

At school, his geometrical talent was inborn,
and he was tutored by none other than Laplace.
For his accent, his...

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