Pouring Raindrops Poem by Majid Dodeen

Oh, my fate and soulmate in every trip and travel Oh, my beloved and dearest companion in the journey of a lifetime. Oh, my sweetheart, lifelines, and oxygen when I breathe in and out. Oh, my intimate friend here and in the hereafter I pray that you will be my queen in paradise In the house of eternity and immortality The dwelling of Heaven, by Allah’s mercy, forever. (In a seat of honor near a Sovereign, Perfect in Ability.) “On gold-encrusted couches; Reclining on them, arrayed face to face” You are the chastity and purity, even purer Listen to me and hear the glad news attentively Raindrops commence pouring heavily Rain showers of spiritual pearls and jewels Touching the surface of the earth with love and tenderness Convey the sweetest, wisest, and best lessons Instilling loyalty and closeness to every contemplating figure Every intelligent and significant mind Bountiful Rain and fruitful life for every grateful Get closer sweetie; let us walk hand in hand in the rain. Brings and unites us together with our best and wisest destiny. Do you hear the pitter-patter of falling rain? Do you smell the petrichor of rain showers? It flows and seeps deeply into our souls. Dribbles and drops whisper deep down. With them, the light of the dawn breaks and shines Dew sprays like perfume fragrance. Come closer! Hands entwine and breaths embraced together. And along with the spaces, large swaths and paths We watch the flowers bloom and blossom. Roses flourish quietly and emerge like suns and moons. We hear whispers of melodies played by the sound of rain. Fresh from balanced strings spread Come closer, there is no fear of a roaring wind. With you, every sadness vanishes. Every tension is defeated. All worries die out and commit suicide Smile! Oh, Lady of the Rose. The face of the joy Glory lover. Handle my pains, agonies and treat my sleeplessness How it is delicious to pass away between your neck and torso Isn't he a martyr who drowns in the pretty river? Isn't he a martyr who is swallowed up by the waves of the sea?

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