This is Not a Love letter

hey you

this is a letter to you

don't turn your head looking side to side

i'am taking to you

don't give me that boyish laugh

that turns into

that down right

can't believe this shit chuckle

it's you


you did it

it was all (all - said streched-out) you

yea! it's...

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Salman Rushdie

Intrepid gadfly;
the voice of dissent.
Multiple times stricken,
multiple times resolved.
Though he bleeds,
still the pen that chides never bleeds,
nor is it obliterated.
For three decades and four,
death he evaded,
still, multiple times stricken,
evasive he remains.

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Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Even when in a famished state I hunt,
In pastures green and lush with abundance,
He renews my spry and exuberance.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
In gardens of drought He will fortune plant.
He leads to quiet pools of fresh water

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Pouring Raindrops Poem by Majid Dodeen

Oh, my fate and soulmate in every trip and travel Oh, my beloved and dearest companion in the journey of a lifetime. Oh, my sweetheart, lifelines, and oxygen when I breathe in and out. Oh, my intimate friend here and in the hereafter I pray that you will be my queen in paradise In...

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A World of diversity

The world is a spicy pot of diverse races
that exhibits colours pleasant on different faces.
Each race revealing features distinct and unique
of varying hair texture but uniform physique.
Oh yes, you know undoubtedly that I am black.
But still my black heritage does not prestige lack...

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