The Internet

As information is sourced, we knowledge add.
Entertainment is accessed by each ipad.
The cost of research is by the net reduced,
whilst addiction to porn is by it induced.

Banking transactions are by it made easy,
so does the convenience of a shopping spree.
We conveniently send mails by...

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Nekky's Story

I am his punching bag,
he punches me at will,
he punches me to vent his anger,
he does so to douse his frustrations.
He tries to regulate my emotions,
he entrenches himself fastidiously
in my life's branches.

My constant battery is his love's
To him, none else could care...

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The Hallmarks of War

Thunderous fighter birds,
loud torrential explosives,
blood thirsty Kalashnikovs,
monstrous and destructive tanks,
bloodshed by the river banks,
numerous catacombs interred,
dismembered bodies
on landscapes littered.
Vengeful hearts embittered,
countless tragedies,
misery corrodes like...

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Oh sweet Maria, thou art fair;
from thy feet's sole to thy hair.
Nature flawlessly carved thy frame
like a dame of mythical fame.

Let me to thee my will submit,
whilst our magnetic gazes meet.
Let me a sweet serenade sing,
as I to thee fair roses bring.

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You sprout like a flower in my heart,
You erode my frowns with laughter.
My mind is struck by many darts,
each time I view your facial art.
You always my desires water,
as loving petals from them sprout.
In my loving heart's deepest south,
I feel just you entrenched therein.
None else could...

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