only you my rose

 Only you, my rose

more beautiful everyday

it will not wither


I wrote this particular haiku, for my dear mother,  for the event of her 97th birthday.

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How ISO 14001 can improve recycling performance

If you are familiar with ISO 14001 Certification in Kuwait, then you will know that when the requirements of the standard are implemented correctly in the environmental management system (EMS). The risk of environmental impact and the amount of wastage of reduce. One place ISO...

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Something Terminal

Is it wrong that for a minute I wondered what it’d be like to have a real problem like cancer or being discriminated against. I thought of all the poems I’d be inspired to write, all the pain I’d have to share, all the words that would come pouring out of my heart as easily as...

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TRANQUIL NIGHT DREAM Night dream is just a virtual world, Till it is boundless and not bold. A good night dream,  Resembles a fresh, white, well toned cream. Sleeping in tranquil night, Aiming to achieve the goal at any height. To get real success in any field, Even...

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ESTEEM OF LITERATURE Literature plays an important role in the life, Without it human can't work rife. Literature is a kind of enjoyment , In which most of the people involve after retirement. Writing our own thoughts in literature, Is really impossible without a good...

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