My Back Up Plan Failed, Miserably (Rap-Song/Cross-Over)

I got my panties

in a bunch

they took

my soul out to lunch

i heard my bone

began to crush

i ditch my dreams

in the trash

i could 't believe

this mess had passed

they, broke it,

to my stupid dumb ass

what the, fudge

did they say

thank-en God

in such a way


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single woman's nursery rhyme

this is, a tale's

of an unreal nightmare

about you


up under your bed

hiding were covers

can't hide

your wide eyed head

looking up and down

and all around

to catch the monster

who haunts

your waking nightmares

mommy and daddy

are no longer there

for you are all...

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Doll On A Music Box / Truly Scrumptious - Scene from Chitty Chitty .

(setting the minds eye to the Poem - on youtube)

(Doll On A Music Box / Truly Scrumptious - Scene from Chitty Chitty bang, bang )

there sits a cold and dark place

within the whole (hole )

of my heart

a land frozen over

and forgotten

by love's warm embrace

a heart of...

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This is Not a Love letter

hey you

this is a letter to you

don't turn your head looking side to side

i'am taking to you

don't give me that boyish laugh

that turns into

that down right

can't believe this shit chuckle

it's you


you did it

it was all (all - said streched-out) you

yea! it's...

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Salman Rushdie

Intrepid gadfly;
the voice of dissent.
Multiple times stricken,
multiple times resolved.
Though he bleeds,
still the pen that chides never bleeds,
nor is it obliterated.
For three decades and four,
death he evaded,
still, multiple times stricken,
evasive he remains.

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