A New Day

A New Day. Nothing Was Left Before. That You Want To Re-Live. Let Us Start Over Again. There Is Nothing That Needs Repeating. Let Us Open The Door. Open Your Heart. And Your Mind. Find Out What Is Yet To Be Found. A New Life Is Waiting For You. If You Can Capture It. Then All Will...

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I Can Still See Her Dancing

I Can Still See Her Dancing. Eyes on Fire. Lovely & Graceful. Sweet Dark Hair. Rings on Her Fingers. Sweet Flowing Skirts. Rings on her Toes. Bare feet. Scarves All Around. Reaching Out. Telling Me. What It’s Like to Be Free. Dancing. Embracing Life. It’s Calling - Calling. To...

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Jesus Standing Beside Me

When Jesus Stood Beside My Bed. After He Had Saved My Life 5 Times Before From Drowning (Because I Am Not A Good Swimmer). I Said Jesus I Just Want To Give Up.. He Told Me - Get Up - And I Did. He Told Me That I Am His Child And He Said I Have Always Watched Over You And I Always...

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June Bug

I can’t sleep - Tonight, I woke & woke & woke - I tried using the wind outside to heal me. It’s as if there aren’t any answers. Like everything in the past doesn’t matter. I laid down again & tried for sleep. My thoughts just wouldn’t give in. I had to get up and do...

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