Jessica Warrior Poetry

Personal Unexistance

You find it hard to travel by foot
So you sit, So you sit darling
And I prove you wrong in gabble
How it's hard to
Stand up again by feet
And hold your flute
And eternity sits on your bones too
Fills, your fleshy mind isn't absolute
Ignite a fire and get a blanket

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Until I die

“I will not leave you until die”
“Leave no efforts and persistently try”
I shall never question or ask why?
As I am so much feeling shy? 

To ask for love is something not done 
If it is pure and heart felt, it shall never be gone
Someone may start it with frank dialogue 
As if two souls...

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Prajapati or prajapita

Prajapati or prajapita


Can potter ever slaughter?

His own work as creator

He is called father of mankind 

And go on making shapes of different kind


He is also known as clay maker

Another name given for him as “prajapita”* or creator

As almighty creates entire human race

You may...

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At late night

“Where are you going at late night?”

A friend asked to his son in dead light

“Just o see his condition and be right back”

“But don’t forget to take helmet when on bike”


“Alright papa, worry not as the place is near by”

“I shall remember your advice and certainly try”

Those were...

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Questions remain

Thousands of questions remain unanswered

Eyes try to see through world but solution never offered

It may go on till the life does exist on this beautiful earth

We may cease to exist still it may hunt on till the death


Life for woman in particular is of so much importance


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