Jesus My Lord

My Lord Jesus Christ is king,
Of him only I will sing.
He loves me dearly I know,
And to him only I'll go.

My Lord Jesus Christ is Lord,
He nourishes me with his word,
He saved my doomed soul from death,
When in sin it lacked good health.

My Lord Jesus Christ provides,
And when I am lost, he...

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The Birth Of Our Lord

Christ in a manger was laid,
regally known but lowly.
His royal identity
was to three wise men revealed,
but from his kinsmen concealed.

Christ was in Bethlehem born;
his royal ancestor's city.
A king that sinners would scorn,
and would by his friend be betrayed.

Messiah to the unholy;

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Napoleon's Victories

At Austerlitz I two nations vanquished;
making me historically distinguished.
At Marengo I had Austria subdued;
then I was to honour undoubtedly glued.
At the Pyramids, Mamluks kissed the sands;
then like a French Pharaoh I annexed their lands.
At Jena-Auerstadt, Prussia to her knees fell,

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Africa The Beautiful Bride

The beautiful bride for the world prepared,
by Europe's colonial powers divided.
Her priceless worth was seen and hardly spared;
hence the need to woo her was decided.
Two great superpowers made their advances,
as she danced before their lustful glances.
Now she's wooed by none other than...

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The ballot box does my persistent fights convey,
to restore what predatory lords did cart away;
because I cast my vote for good governance to enjoy;
that I may integrity in governance employ
by firing evil men who human rights destroy.

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