Out from temple

Today Lord Krishna may come out from temple

From his place to visit his sister in a way very colorful

Pulled by disciples and with only one recitals

"Jai ranched" and express happiness on his arrivals


Lord Krishna along with brother and sister

Will leave temple in early morning...

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You Can Achieve Anything In Life

You can achieve anything in life
All you have to do is believe
Never let negative thoughts cloud your mind
Put your best foot forward so that you can succeed
The journey is never an easy one
You may take a tumble before you rise
Always maintain your inner focus
Do your very best so that you can strive

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Not a poem, i had to vent. Sorry to explicit language. Don't take the time to read, just keep scrolling

Warning : Explicit language

You know what, fuck you!

Yeah i said it. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. You think your the only one that goes through problem. You think your the only one that suffered in that thing we fucking called friendship your wrong,. YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS ISSUES!...

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Races and colors

According to Hindu mythology Dark color represents almighty Lord Krishna himself was dark and blue Millions today starve for glimpses of him to view   It is still a hard feeling in minds We dislike the black color wherever we find Express freely against it and tease Let us not do...

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Calm water

I dropped stone in calm water

Something appeared from under water

All round waves coming out one by one

As if in hurry to rush and meet someone


I was mood less and this prompted me

To go in isolated place to feel little free

Away from noisy scene and near the nature


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