dead heart

a heart full of sorrows

a life full of sadness


these are all in hand


cant look straight into the eye

cant face misery

hatred for the assassin

who shot straight to the soul


a dead heart

an empty life

from which source

joy could ever be found

have tried  thousand times


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Making Love in the Rain


I wonder

Do you think of me?


I lie

So silently

Tears streaming down slow



Have I loved

As strongly as now


I always forget I'm better at hiding than I realise

I expect people to see right through me,

I'm terrified of what they'll think


I'm especially terrified...

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Of Your Time

Fear paralyses me

As the tears pour down

And my heart breaks

Ever so slowly


The waiting is worst

Without answers or hints or

Even a look to go off of

If you were around I could read you


The weight on my chest

It's hard to breathe

The simplest song releases

The next wave of...

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Your Arms

Your strong arms encircle

My weakness

Our energy blends and

I melt into you


You think I can provide

Your healing

The truth is only this

Healing you saves me


I need your attention


Dark days, dark paths, deep fear

I breathe in our love


Pounding, yearning,...

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Hidden treasure

Why sea is so deep and beyond our reach?
Why everybody do not dive and catch?
The long treasured priceless items
Where as it is open for all and them 

If you take sea as vast holder of knowledge 
Certainly it has to be out maneuvered at its edge
You have to risk life and dive deep

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