Hidden treasure

Why sea is so deep and beyond our reach?
Why everybody do not dive and catch?
The long treasured priceless items
Where as it is open for all and them 

If you take sea as vast holder of knowledge 
Certainly it has to be out maneuvered at its edge
You have to risk life and dive deep

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Mother's world

World become so small and tiny
It looses its charm and entity
When woman attains motherhood
She has no appetite for self or food

Whole world, as if, has come to her lap
She remains unconcerned even if danger taps 
Let snake pass near by but she is totally unaware
She has her own world to...

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my blog

I love poetry

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Flicker of second

Flicker of second


Let us dream of universal world

Let all countries be taken into confidence and told

The need to come to under one umbrella cover

With full assurance of their existence however


We have witnessed ethnic cleansing

We have seen mass annihilation while crossing


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My patience

I controlled my passion but could not 
Tears forcefully contained but rolled out
I have strong will but failed this time
Attachment is such relation you fail sometimes

I had beautiful times good moments
I used to wait for him and remain present 
He will sure come and close in 
To embrace...

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