One plus one is one

Oh seen lots of poems and enjoyed

In fact stayed near to it with joy

But keep it veiled it and accept

Love is for self joy and hence must be secret


It must not be aired

Often it may be subjected to satire

People may soon loose interest and get tired

Let it remain with you and be...

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Uncertain stage

You may have big friend circle

Helping always to come out of troubles

But think of dangers and evils present

More harm may be seen with less good present 


We need not go any where

They are around and near

You are worry free and sure

They have fooled you and doubly assured



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remembering being young

lot of things were dreamed about

lot of things being rushed

taken for granted

wanted to see the "real life"


a wonderful life,

work, success,

family, being loved.


thought that was just plain and simple

thought achieving dreams is so easy

after days and...

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I am human

I am human being

Neither poor nor a king

Simple man with high aim

Nothing to leave behind and simply claim


Less I ignore

Love and everything I get more

Less I dislike and push you away

More you come near and stay


Yet I feel good and don’t hate

I have fine nature but no words to...

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She is black

She is black


“She is black and has no features”

“About her nature I can’t say more for sure”

“She may be good and nice girl”

“But real gem and black pearl”


Some of the comments irked me 

As the people were right and free too

They could speak anything against anybody

I had no...

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