Mother to hold

I drew her near and kissed
She was so much near yet missed
She was, in fact, eye ball for my existence
I may sometimes go mad if not see her by chance

Every parent may be feeling same 
Lot more love to give than it had to come 
I may guess what she will look like when fully grown

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Tolerance and tradition

Whole of world seemed so small

Emperor Ashoka had met all the frontier calls

Enemy was reduced to nil and seen no where

He proudly thought” now no heads can dare”


But what did he hear on battle ground?

Calm and quiet situation with no sound

Slain soldiers and blood all around


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Your grave

Your grave

If I could visit your grave
I could have been very much brave
You parted early in surprise
Just breaking holy promise

You sent me away to build future
You wanted me by your side for sure
I was strong enough to sustain any pain
As you were my only main concern 

You knew it in...

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Cold World

The world is a cold, cold place
it is filled with nothing but hatred and little love
there are hearts broken, family's torn, often love is a race

i pray to god hoping that everything will be ok
i hope that people will find love in their hearts,
and that people everywhere will be...

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I liked her

I liked her

With “yes” and “no” discussion
There prevailed total confusion
She will ask me for more assurance
As if limited stock was to be sold out at once

It used to be sweet tussle 
Even for sharing fruit like apple
Some times for cold drink 
And sometimes for different thinking

But I...

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