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Lots of cheers

Lots of cheers


It rained heavily today

Breaking all the records on the way

People commented of it as heaviest downpour

The sky had it as if of roaring laughter


Even if you put millions of machines

To wet the earth and feel fine

I don’t think we may be able to do it...

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Fate to fight

Why think of their death to night?
When you are not sure of your fate to fight 
Some what it created little awkwardness
Are we in full capacity to judge on their face?

The talk of reward comes later
Let us be peace lover and not hater
Life as such is totally uncertain
Important thing is to...

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White represents peace

White color represents peace

Almost liked by all with smiling faces

As stability remains forever

Prosperity is bound to be there


I will go to bed with only one prayer

Lord, show me next to offer the prayers

As life may turn in any direction

Leaving behind less options for action


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Tolerance and tradition

Whole of world seemed so small
Emperor Ashoka had met all the frontier calls
Enemy was reduced to nil and seen no where
He proudly thought” now no heads can dare”

But what did he hear on battle ground?
Calm and quiet situation with no sound
Slain soldiers and blood all around
No one to cry...

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