Girl friend

Girl friend

It is beautiful to dream about girl friend
As world is wide and horizon has no end 
Sky is limitless and youth is like wrong wind
It can flow in any direction and beautifully find 

All quest ends with holy bond
You marry a girl which you are very fond of 
A step in right...

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I liked her

With “yes” and “no” discussion

There prevailed total confusion

She will ask me for more assurance

As if limited stock was to be sold out at once


It used to be sweet tussle

Even for sharing fruit like apple

Some times for cold drink

And sometimes for different thinking


But I...

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I love poetry

I LOVE poetry!

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The beginning

I remember when i first saw you. You were dragging your bags near your feet and wore a smile. A smile so beautiful it made me smile as well. I remembered the first time i spoke to you. I was practicing my piano as i would every day. I was playing an Usher song called " Love in this...

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Someone To Talk

Its hard to find someone
friend and stranger alike
who you can really talk to

that makes you feel your not the only one
who's walked in your shoes
for at least a day or two

Sure, there is family
and the others
but they will go along with what pleases you
to make you feel like you belong


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