I love poetry

I LOVE poetry!

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Someone To Talk

Its hard to find someone
friend and stranger alike
who you can really talk to

that makes you feel your not the only one
who's walked in your shoes
for at least a day or two

Sure, there is family
and the others
but they will go along with what pleases you
to make you feel like you belong


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Timeless Figures

We spend our daily lives
ignoring the lifeless figures
inconspicuously passing by

Like ghosts of mist that failed to thrive
we see them not
yet they are very much alive

To us they are just faces
building blocks of past and present
silhouettes, drifting through the ages
with backgrounds...

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Not less struggle

t can be felt only by mother 
No creature on earth or any other 
She has direct blood relation
Joy and happiness is felt with elation 

Mother will weep
Take care and keep
Always to her chest
And deliver the best

Even if child has come for short stay 
It was only means for her to find way 

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Countless deaths

Free to feel and easy to live
O, god in your land and believe
That you are only one and alone 
Let our mistakes and past be bye gone 

We would love to suffer
Prayers and peace may always offer
Take us to safety and grant peace
Small land if you can give us please

It was with us and...

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