I look through my window and like what I see
Clear blue sky soaring high above me
The air so fresh and a pleasure to breathe
Fluffy white clouds made of what you believe


Beneath the canopy of life-giving wonder
Lie fields of green stretching way out yonder
Tree's full of life, swaying gently 'neath the sun
Spring is in the air, new life has begun


Seeds and buds and wonders galore
Burst forth with life, watch the seedlings soar
High up to the heavens beseeching water and light
Making them strong and proudly upright


Beasts in the fields carrying life in their wombs
Bursting free as the flowers bloom
A new generation of love, life and smiles
The picture, sweet nature, spreading out across the miles


An amazing achievement, a wondrous gift
To brighten our eyes and sad hearts to lift
See the world around us flourish and cope
A reminder to all, there may still be hope.


Written by Dartherino, 1st April 2014
©2014 Dartherino. All rights reserved.

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