I don't mean to sound contrived

but I don't want to be alive.

Into death to take a dive

so deep that I do not survive.


Set me free from mortal chore

for life is such a horrid bore.

I just don't like it anymore

and want to walk the golden shore.


Each day is harder than the last

one that has come and now is past.

Untie me now from the mast

for misery is unsurpassed.


Every second getting closer

to the day I am no more sir.

Thought I could be a composer

but I was only a poser.


I wish tonight I could have slept

so death my life could intercept.

In my rest upon me crept

so dawn from my eyes was kept.


I will not end my own life

with pills or jump or  steely knife.

I'm just tired of the strife

the tragedy and pain so rife.


I am going to sleep now

and hope and pray and plead somehow.

That the gods do  not allow

mine eyes to open on my brow.


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