I'm bringing me down and that's bringing me down.

I do not know anything else.

I wear a shattered bleeding crown,

I just can't help myself.


Spiraling into my hell,

I'm ringing out the broken bells,

no one else can even tell,

the depths of fear that I here quell.


Suddenly I feel like fleeing

from myself and all my bleating,

oh this horrid sinking feeling,

like something upon me feeding.


Something evil and malignant,

but I know its but a figment.

I am just so damned indignant,

plus my brain's damaged equipment.


I am trapped within this world

my sails to never be unfurled.

Through this orbit I am hurled,

in fetal position curled.


I let down all those I love,

and they'd be wise to be rid of

this tainted crazy mutant dove,

far from them me yes they should shove.


So now I ruin everything

that was supposed to make me sing.

Addicted to my suffering

and all the trauma that it brings.



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