How can I begin to explain,
these feelings in my soul.
To define without refrain,
without seeming so droll.

I yearn for you, I burn for you,
more than I even know.
Can barely put it into words,
but still I long to show.

I'm addicted, afflicted,
away from you, restricted.
Feel like a, love sick kid,
I'm yours, I'm convicted.
All tied up, and twisted,
Just as I, predicted.

And my desire for you is a fire growing ever higher,
it will never start to fade nor will it ever cease or tire.
I would walk a million miles through the murkiest of mires,
Marching midst the deepest briars just to try and see you smile.

Every day, I stay away, I start to sway, a little more.
In a way, well you could say, this fray that I, call life's a bore.
So I pray, with howling brays, oh please allay, this maze, this chore.
Traipse with me through ocean waves and lay with me upon the shore.

We don't have very long to live, well, nor does any one.
The most important day in life is but the one you're on.
One day we won't wake and find that all the days are gone.
Life itself is something that does not last very long.
Need to be close to you, want to be part of your song.
I just want to be with you before we sound our gongs.

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