Anger and fears Body rises in rebellion and thoughts sink Mind puts in extra effort to think ‘ What will happen when I am left alone? What will be the state of living as only one? Things are daily reported in news Not worth to ponder over and view Rotten mind might have been left with few I think some of the hard lashes are due Really a sick mind to commit rape at honorable age I am not psychiatric person to hold views and manage It is possible that mind turns as devil’s refuge The difference between ability to think and act is very much huge Respectable in our eyes as they stand We often tend to misunderstand We are not convinced when something wrong about them is reported In civilized world this one is never permitted It might be compulsion to control strong urge The mental instability sometime strongly surge To indulge in action for child’s abuse Which any healthy person may love to refuse We are put to shame when read or hear It casts rage, anger and sometimes with fear We refuse to believe story and turn dear ears As it is likely to cause anger and tears Can you believe one year old girl is raped? What do you expect from elderly person even if slapped? Courts are strict for implementation of law? But what do we do for people termed to be outlaw? Womenfolk are subjected to torture From the birth till womanhood they are not secured We need to protect their honor and dignity Is it not the part of our duty in the courtroom of divinity?

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