The brightness of the summer light,

The songs of birds whose brood take flight,

I love to take in these earthly pleasures,

And so to fill my mind with treasures.

The conversations with my friends,

The closeness only death will end,

To share my life with those who care,

How could we have better fare?

Those who suffer pain and grief,

From whom love's stolen by a thief,

Let us take them to our hearts,

So their healing path can start.

Those who are fear friendship and love,

Who set themselves at too low worth,

Do they know how courage grows

Through acceptance of our woe

Life is tragic comedy.

Love may be the remedy.

Though if we give our hearts away

We shall have grief and pain to pay.

But if we lock our hearts up tight,

And keep all feeling out of sight,

We will wither like dead leaves,

Of our whole life we'll be bereaved.

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