O, countrymen Miles can be covered If joy and happiness is shared Whether it is human relation Or with any other indication Hostility still prevails Many people are killed and mechanism fails Politicians talk of peace and do nothing Make life difficult and add fuel for something Two jawans*(soldiers) were beheaded Their heads were taken to be paraded What kind of barbarism in peaceful environment? Still no word of regret or official comment Same people wish to have religious offering On a land where they feel to regret for erring How come one even thinks of stepping on our land? Where they have only cultivated hatred as friends! How many visitors come from that country and disappear? Engage in hostile act and we have to suffer? Yet our ministers prefer to garland and offer hospitality? Despite strong resentment from people for hostility Such people deserve only democratic kick They will not love to be beaten with stick Yet we are tolerant enough to allow money laundering Land grabbing, open commission and sharing Beware! They will come to you for votes Different schemes and promises they will float The moment election is over They will talk of power share They want people to suffer Die on road and face the murderers Baton charge on innocent demonstrators Open protection to crime perpetrators Rejoice o, countrymen for such heritage You have time only to remain in bondage You will have no bread to eat and wear the shoe Come to little sense and resolve to fight for truth

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