When I said I am rebel People did not take it well When I said “go to hell” They kept quiet and did not tell When I said I am holy They did not question wholly They followed me but with suspicion No permission was granted from religion When I said peace is only option They raised many questions Lot more confusion than solutions No will power with resolutions When I said I am traitor They became my mentor Provided everything possible with all means I stooped below to become cheap and mean When I tried to become terrorist? They frowned up on and insisted “Give no chance and hang him till death” He has no right to have last peaceful breath When I wanted to be an ordinary human? Everybody were after my blood to act inhuman No safe place for me to worship and remember As if I was unwanted on earth to be member I have decided to call myself as an insect Forget about holy world and believe in self act Think about what can be right for human being Act as per conscience and disregard whether you are poor or king

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