Those who can really love Deserve to be fit on earth to live It is simple way of looking at beautiful things Find best out of it and present as something It can be garden with full of beautiful flowers Greenery emerging from beautiful earth after rainy showers They are all to be wished from our real heart As it is gifted from almighty to be an art Everything seems lovely and original Draws us near upon its arrival No one may be in position to exclaim with wonder As if dark clouds clash in sky to create thunder So to greet and welcome is a natural from of an art It is extension from heart towards a dear part That may be flowers, relatives or even kids As it provides beautiful sight and leads The valentine day just made me to smile At a morning call from friend with hello meanwhile Yes, I was thrilled at wishes from distant place Beautiful female calling me with smile on face What does it speak of when wishes come for friendship? I am sure of its clear meaning before I sleep To remain in touch forever in life time Miss the moments and remember memory sometimes Love to live and allow others to live In an environment conducive for and believe This is message from “valentine day” if taken For granted to go ahead and hatred is forgotten I wish to all of my friends known or unknown It is beautiful creation from Him for the sake of our own To live in a world specially designed for only love Where we exchange in world with flowers and believe

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