My fists tighten with anger

My eye's narrow with hatred

Mad at whom you may ask

Mad at the world I say

For taking all of my dreams away

The world spins changing my plans

I fall down not able to land

Face down in the sands

Of time

Or reasoning

Maybe destiny

So confused

So lost

Just wanting to fight my way out not caring of the cost

Rage consumes me

It slowly eats at me

One wrong word said

I'd explode and destroy who's ever in my way

I would kick and scream

Punch till they were nothing

The furry would explode out my fists

Not stopping for anthing

Like a rabid animal

I would tare to shreds

Like a hurricanes powerful waves

I would destroy with my strength

Like a tornado

I would devour anything in my path

Please someone stop this beast

Before it is unleashed

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