Words may be less If I have to pen incase Still I shall try to write Enjoy self and delight It is simply impossible To find such people even after great struggle It is nearly unimaginable God has bestowed color also purple Of course it lies “in the eyes of beholder” Yet it is commendable and makes us happier I shall not be in position to take eyes off From where to begin and form where to stop You see the eyes and think of mind What will she be looking like of any kind? Simply marvelous and gorgeous Not known to the outside world and famous Such flowers do appear once in a while You can see them art gallery of museum or in secret file Of individual’s folder and kept as treasure If no one can see it means a human failure Eye lashes and smile remains hidden As if you may open eyes all of sudden Speak few words along with shyness Just to bring shine on our faces Oh god, protect such flowers from worldly blame Never put them to cruelty or any kind of shame If so happens may be simply curse on earth We shall not be able to forgive ourselves even after death Be blessed wherever you are and whatever you are Fortunate may be the person to look from the far Yes you will be unsung beauty and adored by poet’s imagery But here I find you in complete harmony with nature

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