I felt so much of shame and pity It was more of laziness than of inability I had sad news in store and remember My friends was away from me forever Many times he had expressed his desire To spend sometime with me here I dragged on the decision for some more time Now he has gone for ever and I have enough of time We were neighbors and friends “Love and only love” was our trend We used to spend number of hours Daily together with and did not bother Friendship is called universal ship You have to put quiet efforts to keep To float it with confidence and trust As life demands invariably and is must I felt so bad that could not even weep He was heavenly abode in deep sleep He remembered me day and night Today he is just memory but always in sight We are bond by feelings That is internal and almost comes as willing It is not easy to align with stranger As human mind can easily be gripped with anger It was too late to think of anything He lived for friendship and missed nothing I deceived his expectations out of ignorance He kept on reminding me with his smile and fragrance I shall never disregard now friendly wish We live in ponds like colorful fishes Move here and there with happiness It is just to enjoy lively world with shine on face

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