Man from holy land I have no reason to dispute Have no individual’s right to refute! About any of the teachings That has been followed through ages I hear His name and feel delighted Some of silent wishes are ignited To do something good in a day To show some inspiration in pathway What is wrong in it if I pray” Allah”? Why should it be taken as an affront? Any name taken with sincerity offers for peace Life becomes peaceful and is spent at an ease I hear morning Ajan* from near by mosque Hear the morning bells from temples when people are in queue Churches and temples offer good combination When they recite loud of holy relation I feel greatly relieved when remember His name and feel proud to be follower But what if “I am declared non believer” For observing norms as simple member The world is spread over many continents The god too had decided to bless it with messengers and sent So we witness different faith and religions With different names and faiths in regions It is no use to shed blood When we are not having sufficient food To feed entire mankind with buffer stock It will then turn as farce or crude joke I am and may remain so for time to come Stay with all smiles and welcome That is the only demand of the day Let peace and love permanently stay I would love to be called human Then as British, American or German Even if someone calls to be man from holy land I shall stand as only one to be called his friend

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