But only love I have no regret but only love For a person who has deserted and drove To his original place without me Now I am would be mother and totally free Love can not be termed as only sex Union of two desired soul for family service Yet many dangers lie ahead for peaceful end Unfortunate if they van not remain even as friend I gave all of my body, love and trust I wanted it to turn out to be out of best Yet something bad happened Our stand was really hardened Now baby may find the world Without him to be in my real fold I shall bring little child to breathe fresh air I shall face cruel world and dare What worst can take place? Will I be painted black on face? Paraded in street for what I stood! I know consequences and fully understood It is holy task to see it happen I shall be happily driven When child is reality on this beautiful earth I shall consider it as lovely gift and worth I wish to specify here only one thing Love is simple blessing If we can honor it as divine present Nothing can affect as it is heavenly sent moral Being mother may be unusual experience But that is philosophy too with great essence Ask those people who are without children The joy and happiness may reflect all of sudden

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