Forgive me, my love,

For I have done nothing but try,

I gave you my heart,

And told you to hold it until the day you die. 

But you didn't.

You threw it on the ground,

Stomped on it with your foot,

And didn't make a single sound. 

Forgive me, my love,

For all I have done is love you,

While my heart told me no,

But my soul told me yes,

I went with my heart so.

I gave you everything you wanted,

Spent my money to make you happy, 

And you just received,

And ignored how I became so unhappy.

Forgive me, my love,

For all I could ever want,

Is for you to feel the same,

And stop playing with me,

As if I am just another game.

Tell you you love me,

Or tell me you don't,

Because the things you are doing,

Are just showing me you won't. 

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