Butterflies dance robins sing

flowers bend in a mistrial wind

Rabbits graze on meadows of lush green

as the sun smiles down on the

English summers scene.


Blackbirds scurry among the foliage 

a carpet of bluebells furnish the woodland ground

squirrels jump from tree to tree

and the sound of woodpeckers knocking

reverbatate all around.


Deer heard together under the shade

of ancient spreading green trees

the air is filled with the sound of industrious

buzzing bees.

Pure white doves

fly through clear azure blue skies

fish lazily kiss the surface of calm tranquil stream

as elegant swans gracefully glide

Dragonflies living jewels hover by

cascading water sparkles  in the sun

 the morning   has just begun.


Peter Dome. copyright. 2012.




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