I can relax. I can let my hair down and shine. I can go about my day and write a song, a poem, or bring about in the open the ray of light that lets me be. I used to struggle with the fact that I could not be more, do more, as I had yet to grow and prove myself to me. But now I know. I can fulfill my desires, grab the bull by the horns and saunter on the path to a whole new me.
What life will bring is still a mystery. But I like it that way. Predictability can put you at ease, but it does not give you the opportunity to look at the other side of the coin that life has to offer. The remedy to this is to follow an unobstructive vision when it comes to figuring out what to do next in my life. This vision allows me to see more than one option to fulfilling my dreams and the unpredictable nature of my path is what allows me to learn about myself more, about my strengths and weaknesses more, and about others as well.
So I take a step forward with keen insight as to what I am becoming. And I see myself liking her a great deal. I also see myself with others like me, happily enjoying the benefits of our labor, the benefits that are long overdue to us. I see in them a strength, a peace of mind, and a tranquil spirit like mine, in sync, so to speak, and moving on to even bigger and better thing. Writing about it is just the beginning. Fulfilling this dream is another story altogether.

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