Terrorized, I sit and stare at the devastation set before me

I don't dare feel the effects of my losses

My mind races and swears that it will no longer confuse,

Fumble with my thoughts

So as to regain my composure whenever I feel too weak to continue


How to overcome this pain? How to get pass my grief,

Past my forbidding surroundings?

I'm hungry and destitute, but I hunger more for life again

I sit here, alone, wondering what the next day will bring

What my next move should be


But I cannot fathom another tomorrow

I pray for the guidance from the one who rescues those in trouble,

Ah, I need to know that He's there

I cry dry tears that tear up my soul, and I wander aimlessly inside,

Worrying about where to go


I sigh as I realize that "I'm still alive", soaking up the uncompromising sun

I plan to see this through, I plan to be okay

Just going through the motions of days that promise nothing...

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