You hurt my heart with your dark words, you drew for me a picture

Of your true self, your true nature, oh, one that is so sinister

I closed my eyes and choked back tears, what harm you did to me!

I breathed in slowly, without fear, and then I turned to see

The harrowing circumstance in which I found myself, so dangerously raw

I felt too close to you to even express the horrors that I saw

Your demeaning ways of provoking me to feel not ill at ease

You took me for some doting weakling, you took me for a tease

My body sensed the intense fear that you tried to force and still

I did not pretend to love, my dear, your fake and apologetic will

I don't feel insecurity, I love my mind and soul

I also love my body's breeze not intertwining yours

You tried to make me feel so cold, you tried to place a fist

On a body that grew so very bold as to sustain and resist



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