I loved you so

It was so much love that I once felt, that my soul hurt

The time we had spent together was precious to me


Now you're gone

I only remember the emptiness of my heart

That was filled with embers that were left behind that could be lit no longer


I ranted and raved inside

The depth of my fear at having lost you

Made me sweat profusely at night


I felt ravenous for you

I felt a hunger that was so acute that my skin crawled

With the thought of being so alone


I wept and I digested nothing

But the rawness within me,

The aching, breaking nature of my being dismayed me


I grew cold and weary at my longing for you

But nothing fazed me, the hurting inside was not alleviated

I could not for-see another day


Time passed, though

And I licked my wounds through much painstaking

And combative effort


I now walk a new path

In the new light of a new day

A new tomorrow with hopes of a new-found life within

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