You once were my friend, you said you would always be there

My world did end, when you left me so bare


I loved the glass rose, that you once gave to me

It broke in two,we were not meant to be


I love the childhood we had together, you were always so good to me

You always helped me when I was under the weather, you helped me feel free


We grew to care deeply for each other's life

I went off to college, and you helped me there once to survive


A terrible breakup that cost me too much

You gave me that rose, your love, and your crutch


But then you got closer, you became too involved

You could no longer hold my hand innocently, like we always did when we were young


I then wrote you a letter, as it hurt to betray

A platonic friendship and you left me, to my dismay


You said it was because I had not the courage to tell you to your face

What it was that made me uneasy, what made me feel out of place


So you took yourself elsewhere, and I lost my best friend

It is a promise broken, yours, that I will feel to the end

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