Amelie was a precocious and beguiling girl of fifteen, but at times she was foolhardy

She often went about her day and trampled on her suitors' “folly”


She had a keen and brilliant mind that she used as a bulwark against treason

By those who repeatedly would find that she in no way was a naïve person


It was an incontrovertible “fact” that men to her presented too much strife

Especially those whose conjecture was to figure her for their wife


She used her witty humor and laughter to mentally assail

Those who would repeatedly try to find out what she kept veiled


Her iron will and outlook on life never came in conflict

With the mettle she possessed, her word would be didactic


She intended to live as she damn well pleased, she basked in her own reason

And she dismissed the malapropism of love professed by men who were not seasoned


She was a solid and refined girl, one who was apt to tell no lies

She had no true friends whom she confided in, to others this was no surprise


She worked hard to make a living, she deemed it even necessary

To always find her own way in life, she toiled but was not weary


Amelie aptly spoke her mind, she was not one to mince her words

A statement through her life she made, she knew what she was worth


A dream came to her one night as she lay down to rest her head

A vivid light shone through her in it, she even thought “I must be dead”


The light that shone through her revived all of the memories

That clung to her deep down inside, they were a reverie


Her deepest desire was to be loved for herself, for what she truly represented

But no man had ever learned that she could not be reprimanded


Amelie alone would always have the upper-hand, she would never rescind it

She knew that she would never change, no matter if she was not accepted


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