I bring you my gifts of life and creativity

I give you my heart with its boundless activity

I long to share with you the energy that I have

for bringing my treasures to others at hand


I feel deep compassion for others in need

I live by professing that I am indeed

A person of charm, wit, and strength

And I never falter at any length


People surprise me with their own talents and grace

And I admire their beauty, their dreams, and their faith

I dance with amusement with those who for-see

What promises lie ahead through non-conformity


I aspire to join them together in the journey that we create

In life, love, and art we are bound by what we make

The truths that we bring, the visions that abound

are truly what we are, no matter who's around


I don't always write in such rhyming ways

But I figure it's something I do to portray

What I feel when I'm happy as I am in the now

I feel free and not lacking in what I have found


I find strength in weakness and courage in tears

I give thanks to my Lord, and I am grateful for all of these years

Overall I am happy, and I have dreams in sight

To continue to create what I feel inside


To those who are trying to be who they aren't

Be weary of losing what could be called art

The art of breathing to life a real sense

Of the person you could be without the pretense


So enjoy what I tell you, it's all for the best

Put your best foot forward, put your love for life to the test!



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