Have you had a dream?

The long time, so dim,

Like a coming shadow of eternity

You ought to commit to memory,


It is a trial, the delay,

Like a gigantic pebble on the high way

It is a test of courage, knowledge 

But seems to have set you on a voyage


Unaccomplished mission

You shall bear in mind a great vision

Stand by the confidence of the dream

Surely, will not take long to redeem


It’s more than a responsibility

Its courage wisdom and capacity

It’s not an uncommon attribute with Great entities

Waiting and preparing for the opportunities


 Only the executor, the creator Knows how soon

 It might take no much longer, could be half-noon

I will always remember If I do don’t forget

I will not forget, for I remember to get.


Not common to escape the anxiety of delay

The foundation of much success to stay

It courses deformity and depression

Like Discouragement sat on man’s ambition


The goal that was once set with affection

 Bearing no fruit could lay infection

All through the heart of man

No strict omission, either man or woman


 Equally knows no boundary

As the savior on the cross of cavalry

Consider not to fail the trial courage,

To be set free from bondage.   


Be strong not to miss it

Though time passed, you shall take it

Delay could be worse than a   barrier

But delay is never a denier.



Tags: Poem #1

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