The Day I Went Crazy

Nothing matter. Couldn't be sadder. Can control my bladder. Adventures couldn't be badder. My T.V. is a little mo flatter. Watching different shows that's the way to break the oath. Don't do it like a little toad. You got places to go. The day I went crazy. It shocked my inner baby. They said they would be the one to amaze me. Wait...I said that...Oh well, Its the same thing. thought process fighting for a stake. A lovely breakfast Steak and eggs. Put some sheese on it. First get blazed.Then your going to savor the flave.The day I went crazy It was a little bit like today see. And nothing phases me. Like some gals them tastey. But were never gonna survive unless we get crazy. Im crazy all the way baby. THis is the day I went crazy.Girls love me like they love Patrick Swazee. Break!

Astro Nate

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