O! How I wish you were here mum!

It was the host of hell unleashed on me

Tears trickle down my eyes, behold a new album

The death, like the handshake of a notorious bee 


Mom your death was a pain

Our great moments lost in time

More like tears in the rain

Words cannot explain, not even my rhyme


The memories of your touch and care

The flavor of the great heart of yours

Was strictly not for short time to bear

It hurt me! How I wish death have cures


It’s hard to believe she is gone   

The memories seem not to have a replace

I hope it’s the will of God, not the gun

Well, the reality has come, I have to face


Mum, I wish you well in your new world

In my funeral, I shall dine with you

We shall surely dance free to the cord

Mum I miss you like the plants to dew

Tags: Poem #15

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