Mr. Cavanaugh's Gone

No! How can it be so? That the one I lost Wasn't long ago When I saw your smile For the last time I didn't know That your clock would ring it's final chime Oh, how I wish you were here! It feels like a dream When you were here last And reached out to me Your head should have never reached the pavement No one should have robbed your store But the thief didn't care All he wanted was the glore Oh, Mr. Cavanaugh, it's not the same Without you here to greet me All the pain I aim At the hole I have inside You are one of three That I have lost in my lifetime Mitchel, Great Uncle Bill, And now you, the robbed of about 100 dimes I am filled with pain and grief At your leaving of my dad and me Though your time here wasn't brief It twas to me Goodbye, Mr. Cavanaugh I will see you again We will dance together In the streets of heaven

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