Love Fades Away

Why does love fade away?


How can love be so strong in the beginning, but over time fade?


You start off with butterflies and do everything for someone each and every day


Over time you start focusing on yourself again, and that person is rarely around, they never seem to act the same and you’re wondering where they could be found.


What is it that happens overtime? Why are our feelings so strong in the beginning, but then arguing and pain comes along?


Then we are stuck listening to stupid love songs.


Every time a new relationship starts we are willing to put everything on the line, we drive miles and miles just to spend time with someone, we write love notes and do things to show we care, we would even clean up their messes or even stroke their hair.


Although, as time goes on love fades away, you and that person start changing and you grow apart. Can there ever be a way for the relationship to stay the same from the start?


My heart breaks because no matter how much you are in love with someone and try to make the situation work, there are things too powerful to continue to make it work.


There are those couples that have lasted forever and for years, and I mean they have gone though their share amount of shedding tears,


But why is it that for most love fades away? What is the secret to make it stay?!


My heart is slowly sinking, I think I want to give up


But I can’t because love is worth it and it is something I need to survive


It is like water, and sunlight and shelter, but so much better because it is not just necessary to survive, but it becomes a reason to survive.


Why the hell does love fade away?!   By Jamie Singer

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