O!  Thou gods, are wise.

Thy verdicts count no vice.

Wandering at the death rate beyond evaluation,

Are thou conspiring with thy creation?


Thou are wise, Thou are sympathetic.

Thy affections are so drastic;

But why have   thou hide thy face?

Even from the human race?


With thy large ear, Have thou not heard the cry?

Not until the two rivers of tears could run dry?                    

Have thou not seen with thy outsize eye the tears?

For I consider, Thy promise was goodwill not fears.


Thou are enormous in nature.

Thy works, above human literature,

Would thou forsake thy foundation?

Would thou not rise to cease the situation?


Thou made mankind awfully unequal;

If thou relinquish thy duty to question human individual,

To scrutinize the affairs of all mankind;

Oh! The gods, I weep! To thy holy divine,


The consequence will scamper away from virtue.

Mankind have wore the garment of wickedness,

No additional accommodation for the lifeless,

For the soil also cried in opposition to the unfairness.


Thou are strong and invisible;

Thy strength and might is unquestionable. 

The bloodshed is like un-calmed flowing ocean.

The death reoccurrences like the sands of the ocean.


The ancestors can no longer feed their frequent visitors,

As mankind have turned themselves into death initiators

The soil can no longer swallow from their provisions.

Even as thy children are faced with untimely destructions


Invisible but shaped the visible.

Only thy rod mankind can be tractable.

From mankind, o! Gods, reclaims thy position;

For thy attention is more than what we can mention.

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