remembering being young

lot of things were dreamed about

lot of things being rushed

taken for granted

wanted to see the "real life"


a wonderful life,

work, success,

family, being loved.


thought that was just plain and simple

thought achieving dreams is so easy

after days and years gone by,

age cannot be denied

still uncertain,

is step one done??


working and struggling

too old yet still with no one

wanting to be loved

questions remained,





tired of waiting

tired of struggling

is there anything worth this?


want to give up

to succumb to oblivion

where no pain

no shame

no broken heart

no shattered dreams

no more drowning tears



only fairy tale and rainbows

prince and castles

if could have gone back to youthful days

no need to rush

but enjoy every journey towards a dream

rush or sshh, life still remains the same

destiny will determine everything.

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