I was a girl, afraid of the world 

        Didn’t dare to trust, nor even lust

I was a girl, slow to know

Never ate; lost some weight 

I was a girl, too cold to hold 

My fear was clear; always near

I was a girl intertwined in my mind 

I would start to choke as I spoke 

I was a girl; a lot who I’m not

I’m now free, I found me 


I am a girl, as bold as told 

Learned to trust and adjust 

I am a girl; I’ll walk the talk 

Always in the mood to have some food 

I am a girl; aware that I care 

Through the rough, grew tough

I am a girl, blinks and overthinks 

Feels unique as I speak 

I am a girl I sort of love 

Proud of how I turned out


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