A Simple Guide to Falling in Love with Someone Who Does Not Know You Exist


Step One: Notice his posture, how tall he stands and the way he allows himself to fill up the room.

His smile radiates and lights up the room, his handsomeness causes everyone to radiate toward him


Step Two: Latch on to any bit of attention he gives you. Allow it to rest heavily on your shoulders, but you know you are invisible to him.


Step Three: Open up your bed to him, let him stay. He now knows you exist as you spread your legs and allow him to take everything he wants.


Step Four: Confuse his distance for being mysterious. You know in your head he is being an ass, but in your heart tell yourself he is dreamy.


Step Five: Imagine how wonderful it would be if he paid attention to you. Fall in love with that image. Make yourself only emotionally available to that thought

Tags: Poem #10

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