Until I die

“I will not leave you until die”
“Leave no efforts and persistently try”
I shall never question or ask why?
As I am so much feeling shy? 

To ask for love is something not done 
If it is pure and heart felt, it shall never be gone
Someone may start it with frank dialogue 
As if two souls are trying to come out of cage

Not necessarily there shall be permanent union
It may be equally wrong to assume for companion too
Yet that desire may stay in one corner
Hoping to materlize it later or sooner

She is seen and felt at every point
As if there may take place permanent joint
A joint of ever lasting bond and attachment
Nice to feel about it with happiest moments

So far she has uttered nothing
But confided little or something
I am sure of winning her over
As I have fine shield of nobility as cover

I made it clear and left no room for doubt
Hopefully she may not throw me out 
I have trust in her assurance to stand by 
Even with crippled wings I am ready to fly 

Love is not only the sweet words
They may cause shock afterwards
Love is not what you move and seen around
It is deep within and to be found

She has yet to reply
I shall wait with endless try 
She may find some fragrance in my proposal 
I shall keep doors open for her arrival

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